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Poison collection



 These abstract pieces are the beginning of a series I’ve begun inspired by my experience with getting diagnosed with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy treatment at 21 years old. 

This series uses saturated color and organic marks to visually describe the harsh reality of diagnosis and treatment while still drawing inspiration from the beauty of the science behind cancer treatment.

I pulled inspiration from forms found in anatomy books, medical illustrations, and nature that were then deconstructed to allow the viewer to investigate its ambiguity and form personal connections. 

These forms build upon one another to form complex abstractions of difficult emotions that explore themes of anxiety, fear, and uncertainty. 
Each piece represents my attempt to reconcile and navigate the complexity of my experience while I construct and deconstruct my personal identity. 

I aspire to create work that provides an individual experience for the viewer to draw physical and emotional connections.


My idea is to take the viewer out of the present moment and create a space for the viewer to engage and feel.

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