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About Me

Hi! I'm Lauren, an Artist located in Charlotte, NC and part time in Mount Olive, NJ.


I am currently pursuing a BFA in Illustration at the University of North Carolina Charlotte. I've been drawing/painting since as long as I can remember and I have an adorable rabbit named Tucker who inspires a lot of my work.

I am also very proud to announce that as of March 2021 I am officially a cancer survivor!


Please feel free to browse around and see if anything catches your eye;)


I am so happy you are here and I would love to hear from you!


Tony the Tumor

I was diagnosed with Primary Mediastinal Large B-Cell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma on November 27th of 2020(Black Friday). They had found an 18 cm mass in my chest that was pressing on my lungs and my heart.


I started rapidly losing weight over quarantine even though I was constantly eating. By the fall of 2020 I had little to no appetite. Once I started developing night sweats/constant fevers I left school to go home.


 I weighed about 79 lbs come November.

By the time they had found the tumor and rushed me to the hospital to get biopsied my lung had collapsed. I was put on an oxygen tank and given a chest tube to drain my lungs of the excess fluid that was a result of the tumor pressing on my lungs all those months.


After I was given a blood transfusion and some hefty steroids I was finally stable enough to start treatment. Now, Six months and Six rounds of R/EPOCH chemotherapy later,

I am finally cancer free!


Now that I am healthy enough to finish my degree I am so excited to share my progress in a new Independent Study I have started. This collection will be focused on my experience and how I coped with getting cancer at 21 years old.


Coming Fall 2021

Meet tucker

Tucker was born November 26th of 2019. I was lucky enough to bring him home with me January 19, 2020 from Durham North Carolina. 

Becoming a bunny mom came with a huge learning curb but I am so lucky to have gotten to know the funniest most gentle little creature. 

He is my rock, my best friend, and even though we haven't known each other very long, we have already been through so much together.

Considering he is basically attached to my hip nowadays,

I felt it was only right he had an introduction on my page.

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